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Cascades Community Association (CCA) provides the snow plowing for all streets and parking areas that have been deeded to the Association and that are off-bond through Loudoun County. This service is provided by Brightview Landscaping Services, which includes townhouse parking areas, sixteen (16) CCA owned and maintained streets (i.e., those with single-family detached homes), the Community Center parking lots and sidewalks, and the trails used by children to walk to and from school.

The snow contract shall commence after two (2) inches of snow has accumulated on paved surfaces, or at the discretion of the Association.  The contractor will use salt to place on the roadway and parking areas after the snow has been plowed.  
The contractor will use salt on the roadway and parking areas after the snow has been plowed. Please allow 10 hours for every 6” of snow accumulation for the roads to be adequately cleared. If you are essential personnel or are required to be available for work, please make private arrangements or park on a VDOT maintained street. If plowing has not occurred after 10 hours please contact the management office at (703) 406-0820. If the management office is closed due to weather, voice messages are checked and responded to as soon as possible, so please leave a message with your name and contact information. You may also email Austin Wickwire at or Greg Hewitt at
Main roadways will be given first priority; parking spaces, trails and sidewalks shall be given second priority, when prioritization is needed. Street parking spaces shall be truck bladed to the extent that parked vehicles permit during original plowing service – at least two unoccupied parking spaces in a row are required for the truck blade to access the area. The contractor will attempt to plow roadways curb-to-curb or as close to the curb as the roadway allows – at least two full lanes of traffic should be able to pass at the completion of service. Residents that typically park their vehicles curbside in the townhome areas are encouraged to make every attempt to park in a garage, driveway, or parking space to allow for curb-to-curb snow removal. Failure to do so may result in a less efficient snow removal process.
Snowplow operators are told to push the snow off the roadway in smooth, continuous passes with the blades angled toward the road to not create large drifts of snow in front of driveways and parked cars. Please note, the contractor is not responsible for removing snow from in front of driveways or behind and around cars. Plowed snow will inevitably accumulate next to cars parked on the street each time the truck plows snow from the street, but we have asked the contractor to avoid this as best as possible.
Snow should never be shoveled onto streets, sidewalks or other parking spaces. If shoveling or blowing snow, please place it onto grass covered common areas or your own private property. This applies to contractors, residents, or anyone hired to perform snow removal service by a resident. The CCA is not responsible for removal of snow piled in the street, in a parking space, or on the sidewalk by residents. If you observe neighbors moving snow onto streets, sidewalks, or parking spaces, please politely remind them they are causing more work for everyone, which slows down the snow clearing processes.
CCA will work with the contractor to remove all large snowdrifts created by VDOT at main intersections and cross walks. These should be plowed through to create a walking path and for access to crossing signals.
Residents are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks in front of their townhome or single-family homes. CCA will remove snow from a number of other sidewalks and trails throughout the community, especially those surrounding our community centers. If you would like to see the complete list of sidewalks and trails that the CCA maintains, please stop by the management office.
Please review the snow listing for the name of your street and who the contact is for plowing the snow from your street, whether CCA or VDOT. The section number located in parentheses next to the street names are used when the Association communicates plowing updates to the community members.
For storms that are greater than eight (8) inches, the Association will provide updates on the snow removal process during and following the event.  These updates will be placed on Facebook and sent via email if you have provided your contact information to the management office.  Bobcats are currently stationed throughout the community and will be ready to utilize in the event of a snow storm that exceeds eight (8) inches if required.
If you have any questions regarding the snow plowing process, please contact Austin Wickwire at (703) 406-0820, extension 1070.

You can now view status updates for VDOT roads.  Visit and zoom in on your street/community.  It's an extremely useful tool.
Make sure you and your family are prepared for a winter storm.  Check out the American Red Cross Winter Storm Preparedness site or download the Winter Storm Checklist!

Please also keep the following numbers and information on hand: