What goes into the General Assessment?

The General Assessment is paid by all members of the Association. The expense categories that make up this assessment include:

  • Administrative
    • Management Fees
    • Legal Expenses
    • Insurance
  • Maintenance and Operations of Common Area
    • Common Area Electricity
    • Grounds Maintenance and Upkeep
    • Snow Removal for Recreation Sites and Sidewalks/Pathways
    • General Repairs to Common Area
  • General Common Reserves
    • Reserve Contribution and Expenses Related to Common Area
  • Programs
    • Newsletter
  • Public Relations
    • Annual Meeting Incentives

  • Unbudgeted Expenses
    • Operating Contingency
    • Pool Expenses
    • Community Center Expenses
    • Facilities Keys and Passes
    • Facilities Utilities
    • Pool Contract
    • Recreation Reserves
  • Capital Expenses

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